Secure, Sustainable, Self-sufficient Island Communities


Biko Biolabs focuses on self-sufficient, sustainable solutions to universal basic needs: food, energy, medicine and materials. Our group leverages and disseminates equipment, human and financial capital alongside leading research universities and industry pioneers to research and develop tailored innovations for communities around the globe.

     The consolidation of leading R&D in a few select urban centers outside these communities limits educational, economic and career development opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers.

     Our motto: "Global Knowledge, Local Solutions." addresses the difficulty small, remote, rural and marginalized communities traditionally have in reaping the rewards of STEM innovation, as well as participating in the cycle of innovation itself. The size, scale, physical and economic isolation of such communities compounds the magnified impact of climate change and health emergencies, uniquely calling for technologies focused on decentralized, low capital elements of a secure, sustainable, and self-sufficient circular economy.

     Hawaii and the US Island Territories typify these issues and form the first geographic focus of our research and education efforts. We strive to build a sustainable technology portfolio: a playbook for communities big and small across the glove to share the benefits of biotechnology and drive the next wave of innovation for their selves and their communities.




Secure, Sustainable, Self-sufficient Island Communities