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Mission Statement

Global Research.
Local Solutions.


     At Biko Biolabs, we bridge a network of global knowledge to problem solving at the local scale. We educate, equip and empower people to tailor the best in scientific practice and technology to meet the fundamental needs of their communities. We provide innovators the resources to build new economic opportunities and train the next wave of local scientists and engineers.

Mission Statement

Global Research.
Local Solutions.


     Traditional incentives for scientists and engineers drive consolidation of research, development, and commercialization towards the largest market sizes, the highest margins, and the biggest financial returns to the smallest number of people. We challenge this paradigm; focusing on impactful research in the context of specific communities, broadly defined, in which the researchers have deep-rooted, vested interest.

     Our group leverages and disseminates equipment, human and financial capital alongside leading research universities and industry pioneers to research and develop tailored innovations for communities around the globe.


Here's how we're trying to do that:

Operating Model
Drive impact-ready, open-access research on sustainable technologies and practices

Phase 1


  • Primary, applied scientific and engineering research

  • Guided by specific communities challenges

  • Indiscriminate, interdisciplinary toolset to derive the best solutions

  • End goal: Open-access research published and disclosed to the public.    

     We leverage the talent pool and infrastructure of leading scientific epicenters to perform first-in-class research & development. With headquarters in the Greater Boston Area, we anchor this organization’s foothold in the global scientific network, borrowing from and enriching the widest base of knowledge to solve these critical issues.

Demonstrate viability of community-driven small business enterprise

Phase 2

  • Scaled up to pilot demonstration facilities

  • Cost models, operational procedures and market/business development insights validated

  • Revenue generation through commercial product or service

  • End goal: A comprehensive, instructive playbook to enable local entrepreneurs to scale out and grow community-driven small business commercial operations


     We employ our expertise in technology translation to de-risk, refine and solve deep technical, operational and business development challenges. At the same time, we work hand-in-hand with local stakeholders and entrepreneurs to build community ownership and agency and factor in the nuances of history and culture.

Educate, equip and train local communities

Phase 3

  • Biko Biolabs provides training, materials and technical support

  • Long-term revenue generation as service and goods provider

  • Local ecosystem of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs further research, develop and initiate new innovations

  • End goal: Community of technology-driven operators and innovators fueling a local STEM-based ecosystem of education, research and industry.

     We empower and support local innovators and entrepreneurs to lead the scale out of  Biko technologies to ultimately create long-term, sustainable STEM jobs and careers by providing diversified, essential services to meet the community's fundamental needs.

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