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Kelsey K. Sakimoto, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Yale University

Ph.D. Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Postdoc., Harvard University, Harvard Medical School

Microbiology, Agriculture, Material Chemistry, Bioengineering

     Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, Kelsey has worked for over a decade to unify chemistry and biology to solve challenges to sustainability. After a pioneering academic career at the forefront of Artificial Photosynthesis, Kelsey founded Kula Bio, to commercialize his original microbial nitrogen biofertilizer work. With the graduation of his first company to the next commercial stage, Kelsey founded Biko Biolabs in 2020 to address R&D gaps in the sustainability and self-sufficiency of traditionally marginalized communities.

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Elliot Rossow

Associate Scientist


B.S. Environmental Science, Iowa State University

B.S. Soil Science, Iowa State University

M.S. Environmental Science, Iowa State University

Soil Science, Molecular Biology, Agronomy, Statistics, Carbon, Leadership

     Elliot's analytical skills explore creative solutions to global problems, believing that solutions should profit by doing measured good in the world. Elliot hails from the Midwest, building upon 9+ years of collaborative research experience focusing on 1) the fate of manure-associated antibiotic resistance in soils with the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment (NLAE) and the Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Iowa State, 2) the decomposition and fate of bacterial biomass at NC State and 3) the fate and impact of agricultural microbial products with Kula Bio. In his free time, he likes to farm, spend time with his dog, and hang out with his friends.






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     While our work takes us across the globe, we headquarter in the Greater Boston Area, nestled in the rich ecosystem of research universities and the heart of modern biotech. Our group leverages a plethora of otherwise inaccessible resources (equipment, capital, personnel) to conduct our research and bridge the gap between centralized biotech and the decentralized communities we serve.

Biko Biolabs HQ


     Our main laboratories are located in Somerville, MA at Greentown Labs, a shared start-up incubator space for sustainable R&D.

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