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We're always looking for scientists and engineers from a diversity of backgrounds who are eager to take up Our Mission for themselves.

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For Collaborators:


Our research benefits from and contributes to a larger ecosystem to bring sustainability and self-sufficiency to local communities.

We engage in a variety of joint development agreements, co-grant applications, sponsored research projects and more with a variety of stakeholders.

Check out Our Research to see what we're working on.

We'd love to explore how we might all go farther together. Send us a message at:

We're particularly excited to connect with:

Plastic waste/recycling groups in:

  • Hawai'i

  • Greater Boston Area/Northeast US

  • Puerto Rico

  • US Virgin Islands

  • Guam

  • American Samoa

  • Northern Marianas Islands

Composting (commercial/residential) organizations

Organic, regenerative or sustainable farmers and agricultural producers

Soil carbon and soil biology researchers

Biomanufacturing/solid-state fermentation specialists

Sustainable business developers and entreprenures

Plastic waste/recycling groups in the Greater Boston Area/Northeast


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Our facilities are located at:

444 Somerville Ave.  & 28 Dane St.

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